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The hero stands out from the crowd because he does things that others daren't do.

He acts on impulse,out of natural instinct because he must,he unquestionably believes in his actions giving no thought to the consequences. Our heroes' fragility lies in the fact that in today's world we need them more than ever....exactly,normal people who aren't heroes have become our heroes.

When someone is made to believe he's a hero he immediately clashes with the conotations of this title,a role overladen with expectations which in turn easily expose fragility. The hero is vulnerable because once his heroic feat vanishes he is left with stark solitude and anxiety.He is left with a gap between his own self and the strength he clasped in his hands for that single instant.Behind the hero is a man's worse fear:that of being nothing more than part of a crowd and so he works himself up into a breathless state in his desperate quest to depict a strong image of himself.It's right here where we find our most fragile of heroes;The Super Heros.


L’eroe si differenzia dalla gente comune perché compie imprese che gli altri non osano fare. Le compie per pulsione, per istinto, perché vanno fatte, si disinteressa delle conseguenze, ciecamente agisce in nome di un’ etica nobile o considerata tale dai più. La fragilità dei nostri eroi deriva dal fatto che oggi, in questo mondo, l’eroe serve. I media sono sempre a caccia di eroi, di figure da proiettare nell’immaginario comune. Quando una persona comune diventa eroe si scontra con il mito di questo titolo, con la carica di aspettative che questo comporta.