Sketches of Freedom is a choreographical project which delves into the concept of Creative Freedom.
A choreography which opens with a series of pictures and streams of thought  on this theme. A score of images leaving litttle space for individual freedom and
yet opening up alternative ways of behaving.
This obsessive sequence builds up to an intense need for freedom  with the backdrop being the constant reflection on our way of  behaving.
Nevertheless, the rhythm, the possibilities which emerge from repetition and the way each performer is so physically different unravels the choreography,
revealing each individual's inner self.
Sketches of Freedom shuffles a pack of cards made up of theatre and performance, politics and culture, searching for one's own personal space and abandoning
oneself to  events.
Perhaps the rituals we adhere to, like in a Sabbath, are the only way  which leave us the hope of coming out of ourselves and seeking that "in between" role
which art can let us indulge in for a while.